Honolulu control wiring professionals 

At Koo Lighting, we take your satisfaction seriously. That's why we only hire the best of the best for our team. Everyone who works with us is extremely experienced and heavily vetted, providing quality electrical services at every appointment. When you schedule service with us, you can be sure you're working with the top name in Honolulu. That's a promise!

Owner John Koo

John Koo is the owner and founder of Koo Lighting. He is an expert in the electrical field, providing hands-on assistance with every job. He is committed to being the best in the business, and he won't stop until you're completely satisfied. When you choose John and his team, you can be sure you're choosing quality and care, every step of the way.
Electrical renovations and upgrades

Engineer James (Yun Pyo) Hong 

James Hong, project engineer, has devoted his career to electrical engineering. He works on every job site to ensure all codes are met and systems are perfectly in place, guaranteeing safety and efficiency from start to finish. As the best resource for electrical compliance and attention to detail in Honolulu, James can provide the peace of mind you deserve.
Electrical lighting work in progress

Other staff

Bret Bach

Ki-Hwa Kim
Jung-Woon Yoon

Jinhe Kim
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